Pashna Posse

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We are a Family rock band born and raised in Pashna located west side of Alexis First Nations. Two generations of music and native talent all mixed together; Fathers, Sons, Uncles, and God jamming together. The love of rock must is perennial. Brothers Eugene and Rob are original members of the Logan Alexis Singers Traditional Drum Group, of Grand Father ‘The Late Logan Alexis’. The brothers were instrumental in composing 14 published round dance albums in there journey of music and instrumental world vocal music.

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Native Rock Band

Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, Alberta Canada

Eugene Alexis Lead Vocals
Robin Alexis. Bass Vocals
Brandon Alexis. Rhythm Axe Vocals
Lucas Alexis Lead guitar Vocals
Nathan Alexis. Drummer Vocals

Now joining the new generation of rock, Pashna Posse is a family ensemble with an innovative aboriginal rock sound and music that originates from the heart beat of our First Nations. Lead Vocalist Eugene is an incredible lyricist with a wildly impressive vocal range in terms of both pitch and tone variation. Rob on Bass provides vocal support as well as a rhythm section along with composition and foundational assistance. Lucas, the musical genius of the band, graduated from Nimbus Music School in Vancouver BC and leads the way with guitars and compositions of music while Brandon lays a solid rhythm section with occasional lead support. Nathan, Aka. Bomberman is the foundation and support Lucas needs in creating unique beats and rhythms for his ideas as his vocals are essential to our sound. Pashna Posse’s first album release ‘White Bear’ is composed in Stoney Nakota and English.

Produced by SGWE productions Ltd 2023

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White Bear

Our First Album.

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Live at Whiskey A Go Go.

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