Eugene Joe Alexis

Frontman, Lead Vocalist, Songwriter, Painter, Historian, and too many more credits to mention. He is the bishop that brings us together. Eugene is a traditional drummer that comes from the heart of Chief Joseph Alexis.

“Work Hard and Stay Humble.” – Eugene

Robin Logan Alexis

Grassroots Film Producer, First Nations Activist, Member of the Logan Alexis Singers Traditional Drummers, Bassist, and Vocalist. Father of two band members, Nathan and Brandon.

“Rock hard and rock free, don’t forget to live every day.” – Rob

Lucas “Excalibur” Alexis

Avid wearer of sunglasses and enjoyer of shirts, Lucas graduated from Nimbus Music School in Vancouver, BC. He has built his own studio where he continues to create and stream his music. He is the magician of music and shares his gift with the rest of the band.

“Rock and roll ain’t noise pollution.” – Lucas

Nathan “Bomberman” Alexis

Nathan is the backbone of the group and has an incredible knack for coming up with catchy beats. He is an established actor and entertainer as well as a producer in a variety of fields.

“You gotta SNARE life by the horns.” – Nathan

Brandon “Dino” Alexis

Brandon ties the band together with his foundational rhythm section and stellar solos. He is a producer, actor, and loving father. He graduated from Film School in Penticton BC.

“May the diminished 4th be with you.” – Alexis